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Dear friends,

If you happened to be in Moscow one day, or you are just planning to visit Moscow once upon a time – we suppose you would wish to know something about Moscow, its parks, museums, traditions of Russia and its beauty and hospitality. Russian capital is full of interesting places easily accessible, with just one remark: one should know where to go to.

Speaking English is proved to be not the strongest feature of Russian citizens, and if you want to discover historical center of Moscow, the palaces of Kremlin, Diamond Fund – or just simply walk around Moscow with guide showing you the profound background of the city, it can take you a lot of time to find someone to help you with that.

In this case our Travel Agency could be of great (or at least – of big) help for you, your friends and families. We know the cultural environment of Moscow, and we are ready to give an advice on where to go and what to see. Surely, the advice will be in English language!

On our map of local destination we have a lot of interesting spots, from painting galleries, tours to Kremlin or memorable excursions to ethnical center of ancient Siberian culture and traditions.

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We know where you can go with your kids.

We know where you can buy Russian souvenirs.

We know how to get to the Kremlin territory and its churches.

We know where to find an English speaking guide for your group.

We know where you will easily see habits of old Russian villages, and where you will taste the real Russian food made in old stove “à la Russe”…

And perhaps the most attractive thing here is that we have a lot of travel partners, and we can suggest you a selection of sightseeing tours: depending on your time frames, your interests, your preferred language, your limits of financial expenses… And we do wish to help you out with discovering what Moscow and Russia are! So just call in and we will chat about what we can do for you, or what could be of interest while you are in Moscow.

And if your work makes you stay in Moscow for a little longer while than a regular visitor does, why would not take a tour over Golden Circle of Russia – a chain of old towns surrounding Moscow, with huge and memorable history, with churches older than 1000 years, with side streets filled with spirits of events happened log long time ago….

Staying and living in Moscow should bring emotions.

And we are here to assist you with that!